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7 Tips to Study Smart


1. Alternate Your Study Spaces
Scientists suggest that alternating your study spaces can help you retain more information. Memory is associated with location, so changing your location can help solidify your memory.

male studying

Photo credit: mer chau

2. Don’t Study One Subject Too Long
Switching between a few related topics when studying can help break up the monotony of studying. This form of studying is less boring and can help keep you on your toes. It also allows you to study for one subject in small increments of time so you don’t lose focus.

highlighter23. Step Away From the Highlighter
Highlighting while reading has actually proved detrimental to the process of studying. It leads students to focus on individual facts instead of drawing larger conclusions and connections between ideas.

Photo Credit: English106

Photo Credit: English106

4. Do Some Serious Studying Right Before Bed
Studies have shown that reviewing the toughest information right before going to sleep the night before can exam can be beneficial. This approach can make it easier to recall the information later on.

group studying

5. Categorizing Yourself as a Particular Type of Learner Can Harm You. Do What Works for You!
In a recent review of the relevant research, many psychologists have found almost no support in favor of studying for your particular learning type or whether you are right or left brained. So don’t categorize yourself and do what works best for you!


6. Chewing Gum Can Help You Retain Information
The most-likely reason for this phenomenon is due to “mastication-induced arousal.” Chewing wakes you up and helps you focus on the present task. However, the effect doesn’t last long so save the gum for the hardest part of the exam.

bu water bottle

7. Drinking Water During an Exam Can Improve Your Test Score
According to researchers at the University of East London, drinking water during an exam might have a positive psycoholgical effect on thinking functions which can lead to improved performance on an exam. Drinking water also also been shown to relieve stress which is a major roadblock to a good grade.

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