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Tips for Staying in Touch

We said it when we left high school, and we’ll say it again when we graduate from BU. But distance has a way of making things like staying in touch hard. While keeping in contact with far away friends takes work, it’s doable and definitely worth it. Try these tips to keep friendships lasting long after you’re away from Comm Ave.

stay in touch

Keep friends visible.
Combat the “out of sight, out of mind” plague with photos of them over your desk or on your mirror.

Keeping in touch is a two-way street.
Make goals with each other to keep in touch, and hold each other accountable. Try planning a standing FaceTime, iChat, or Skype date with a friend every Sunday night, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Let them know you’re thinking about them.
Remind a friend what brought you together in the first place by sending him or her a link to a scene from your favorite movie or texting about an old inside joke you share.

Buddy up.
Pick out an activity that you and a long-distance friend can share (like a craft project from Pinterest or a 10K run, etc.). Send photos of the paintings to each other or track your training progress on a shared Google Doc. Not only will your friendship thrive, but you’ll be motivated to stay on top of your other goals, too.

Make plans for when you will see each other.
Think about a long weekend visit to a friend’s place to see what they’ve been up to post-graduation, or a go on a trip together to a place you’ve both been dying to visit. [1, 2]

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Sending a photo, picking up a team hobby, or brainstorming a getaway can help you keep in touch with a long-distance friend post-graduation.


[1] http://www.vagabondish.com/why-how-stay-in-touch-with-travel-friends/
[2] http://www.collegetocareers.com/ways-stay-touch-family-friends-college/

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