Spread the Health

Simple Tips for Less Stress

By Kasthuri S.

December is the craziest month of the academic year – everything comes down to preparing and studying for final exams, working with extra-curricular activities, spending time with friends – all while anxiously waiting to get home for the holidays.  I know (from too many experiences, I might add!) that stress does absolutely nothing but create additional problems and can even get to the point where it prevents me from getting work done. There’s no need to add-on more stress to the complications of being a full-time college student, so here are a few ways to make it through the rest of the semester by avoiding stress!

stress free zone

Plan Ahead
Structuring your day and setting goals for what needs to be accomplished gives you a solid plan for what needs to get done and a way to stay on track with assignments and work. Try to avoid procrastination – it’s our own worst enemy and putting off work/studying is something you might enjoy at the moment, but will end up regretting.

Get Some Sleep
Getting a solid night’s sleep is completely necessary to being able to concentrate and actually study. If you feel that you’re being unproductive while studying late at night, go to sleep and the next day you’ll have the energy and focus to get through the material!

Take Productive Study Breaks
Study breaks should work as motivation to get through the necessary material, but don’t use your breaks as time to catch up on Facebook, twitter, any time of social media or your phone. The most effective study breaks should relax your brain and give it a break from all the work it was doing during the process of studying – examples of good use are taking a 20-30 minute nap, getting exercise by taking a walk or go to the gym and most importantly eating foods that boost your metabolism to give you energy.

Block Social Media
Trust me, if you’re one to get distracted, download Self-Control or another type of app that blocks websites to stop you from distracting yourself during studying. Turn your phone off as well and only allow yourself to use it at certain periods of time.

Find a Good Study Buddy
Studying with your best friend may just turn into a “catch-up on our week” conversation so find a friend that will call you out when you’re getting distracted and help motivate you to push through your work without distracting you.

Reward Yourself
Definitely take sometime to have fun, go out with your friends, see a movie or even sleep in one morning! Constantly pushing yourself to studying 24/7, (while impossible in practice) won’t end up benefiting you in the long run – if you spend all day studying and being productive, take a break on Saturday night to relax your body and brain.

SPREAD THE HEALTH: December is a stressful month with final exams, so plan ahead, get some sleep, take time to relax and reward yourself and study with friends to keep stress levels in check.

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