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How did I not know about the female condom?

The FC2 Female Condom isn’t as popular in the U.S. as it is in other parts of the world for making intercourse safer. At first glance, the female condom can be somewhat off-putting. You might wonder why you’d opt for a device that looks sort of like a plastic bag with a ring on each end when you could use a more form-fitting male condom instead. Price can also be a deterrent because female condoms are more expensive than male condoms, although BU students can get the FC2 Female Condoms for free from the Condom Fairy.

female condom tumbler

So maybe it’ll surprise you that there are people who love the FC2 Female Condom. When used correctly, it can feel much more natural and pleasant than a male condom because it’s roomier and warms to your body temperature. The female condom does require a bit more attention during sex, however, because the person with the penis has to make certain that they are always penetrating their partner on the inside of the condom. In contrast, when a male condom is on, it’s on.

Uncircumcised men, in particular, may find that intercourse can be more pleasurable with the female condom. Unlike male condoms, female condoms don’t restrict the movement of the foreskin, which can make them more comfortable to use. That said, many uncircumcised men are perfectly happy using male condoms, but those who aren’t may want to try experimenting with female condoms instead.

Female condoms can also be great for men who find condoms uncomfortable or difficult to use for other reasons. For example, men whose penises are larger at the base than at the tip may find that condoms have a tendency to slide. That can also be a problem for men whose penises are smaller than average. With a female condom, there’s much less of a concern about whether the condom fits.

Safe sex can be hot sex, whatever supplies you choose to use. The trick is to figure out what works best for you. Here’s some more information about the female condom from Student Health Services, FAQs, and a short video on how to use a female condom.

Note: Although female condoms are only designed for vaginal intercourse, some individuals also use them for anal sex. However, they have not been FDA approved for anal use.

SPREAD THE HEALTH: While certainly less well-known than the male condom, the female condom is also a great option for safer sex – particularly for uncircumcised men.

female condom infographic

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