Spread the Health

#TIL the importance of having healthy friends

By Meredith M., Resident Assistant of the Wellness House

Getting healthy is tough. It’s a noble cause, but no matter how committed you are, having friends that make your new health goals more difficult to reach can totally derail your plans. That’s why having healthy friends is essential. Here are some examples:

healthy friends

1. You’re a pizza junkie. It’s 1 AM on a Friday night. Normally you would’ve already called Domino’s (the phone number is saved in your favorites – duh!), but last week you committed to cutting down on pizza and choosing healthier snacks, especially late at night.

Your regular friend says, “Ah, come on! I’m reeeeeally in the mood for a slice of Hawaiian right now. Start this health kick when we’re not hanging out!”

But your healthy friend says, “I’d love some pizza right now, too, but I’m glad you’re getting healthy. Let’s get a smoothie from Late Nite instead!”

See? Your healthy friend is awesome and won’t pressure you into unhealthy decisions.

2. You’re a self-identified couch potato. It’s 8 AM on Monday morning. You can’t remember why you decided to wake up this early, especially to hit the gym. What were you thinking?! You text your friend to grumble about the early hour.

Your regular friend texts back, “I know, right? Go back to bed! The gym sucks anyway.”

But your healthy friend texts back, “Yeah, it’s mad early, but I’ll be done with my first class soon. Get up! I’ll meet you at FitRec when I’m out – less annoying if we go together, right?”

See? Your fitness goal is still in tact because your healthy friend supports you.

3. You like to party hard. It’s 2 AM on Saturday night, and you’re four drinks in. Lately you’ve been getting in some pretty iffy situations once you hit five drinks, so you told yourself you wouldn’t have anymore tonight. Then a mysteriously attractive partygoer offers you another beer.

Your regular friend whispers in your ear, “You gotta do it! This might be the beginning of a really great night for you – if you know what I mean…”

But your healthy friend whispers, “I don’t know about this. If you drink much more, you won’t even remember how cute (s)he is! Better hold off.”

See? Your healthy friend isn’t a buzz kill. They’re just trying to keep you safe!

SPREAD THE HEALTH: It’s really important to have supportive friends in any situation, but when it comes to getting healthy in college, good support is the name of the game. So seek out healthy friends, and make sure to be one for people you know!

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