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Meditation Challenge

I consider myself a stress-free person. I approach my everyday life in a positive way, and strive to radiate that to those around me. I’m the friend that others come to for advice on their problem. I reflect on what I am grateful for daily, both big and small. I listen to upbeat music. I am HAPPY. Truly.

But I’m only human, and some days when I have a long to-do list or a giant paper to complete, the only break I give myself is some Facebook stalking or an episode on Netflix of Orange Is The New Black. Lately, I’ve been thinking that when I take breaks from work they should be more relaxing and more effective. They shouldn’t be a mindless hour lost in social media.

I’ve tried yoga, and I’ve enjoyed it. Yet, I never keep up with it. I would say it is the money for the classes and commitment to getting off my butt that deter me. Similarly, I’ve always been interested in meditation… yet I never try it out long enough to see the positive effects that millions around the world swear by. 

meditation 2

So, for the next 21 days, I have promised myself to give this meditation thing a true try. I encourage you to do the same. Two of my favorite people, Oprah and Deepak Chopra, are making meditation so easy. Together they are offer a FREE 21-day mediation experience!

  • All you do is sign up, and each day a new audio guided meditation becomes available on the site. The meditations are around 20 minutes each, so it is so easy to make time to do them.
  • Each video is available for 5 days so you still have time to catch Day 1’s meditation.
  • Today, I began with Day 1. It was a reflection on the simple question “Who am I?”. This is one of life’s greatest questions. Taking 10-15 minutes to sit and really think about reflect on yourself is enlightening and important.

If you’ve ever considered meditation, been just curious about it, tried and failed, or are feeling a bit out of touch with your inner self… now is the perfect opportunity to give it a try and do this meditation challenge. Namaste.

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Life got you stressed out? Find a quiet spot, close your eyes and experience this free 21 day meditation challenge from Oprah and Deepak Chopra.

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