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How to Avoid Embarking on a Stresscapade

Can you believe we’re almost done with fall semester? Ah! Before we know it finals will be coming at us full speed and stress will be spreading through campus like wildfire! Whether it’s your first time studying for final exams or your last, there are things you can do to avoid getting overly stressed.


I like to avoid stress by staying as organized as humanly possible. I do so with a method called “The Big List!” from my friend Ashley’s blog at Jen & Ashley photography. It has saved me from embarking on major stresscapades, so I’ve decided to share it with you. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Each week (or a week before when I’m extra stressed!) I create “THE BIG LIST” for the week. It consists of every big picture thing I could think of doing during the week: laundry, dishes, ALL my reading for Thursday’s class, take out trash, reschedule doctor’s appointments, organize my apartment, clean my apartment, trip to the drugstore, hang out with friends, etc.
  • Next, I bought fancy post it notes with lines, because I’m all about color coding.
  • Each night before I go to bed I create my “WIN THE DAY” list on the fancy color post it notes. The WIN the DAY list is inherently different than the BIG LIST. It breaks down each of the big picture tasks into smaller ones. Each day I tackle one or two steps of a bigger picture item. For example, if the BIG LIST includes “All my readings for Thursday’s class,” my WIN THE DAY list might say “finish 2 readings on Monday.” When I finish them all I can cross them off the BIG LIST and feel truly satisfied and ready to tackle my next tasks!

I also use my agenda book which has a weekly calendar on the left side and a notes page on the right. I write my BIG LIST on the notes side adjacent to the weekly breakdown – it helps me plan according to major class due dates or fun events with friends coming up!

I know that this method may seem a little crazy to some of you, but it really keeps me sane. In times of high stress I rely on my BIG LIST and WIN THE DAYS to keep me motivated and productive. What methods of organization work best for you?

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Using strategies like the BIG LIST and WIN THE DAYS can help keep you organized and consequently, less stressed during final exam time.

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