Spread the Health

Rethink Processed Foods

As you navigate your busy life, it can be challenging to know how to stay healthy. No doubt about it, college is famous for making our body weight yo-yo, even if we do try to be health conscious.  This is usually caused by a confluence of factors: stress, diet, and sleep deprivation, all at a time when many of us begin to experience a dip in metabolism.  If you find yourself struggling with this, know two things: 1) You are not alone!  and 2) There is a standby eating tip that can help you stay healthy as you establish new routines.

What’s this? A health tip you say?!

Yes!  As you choose your meals from the dining hall or snacks from City Co, try to avoid highly processed foods.  This may seem overly simple, but trust me, it’s not.  There is a growing amount of evidence to suggest that processed foods – foods that are consistently high in sugar, saturated fats, and chemicals – are a major factor in obesity.  A fellow BU student and Registered Dietician, Kelly Toups, has a great blog about healthy eating, and wrote a post about this exact issue that is worth reading: Ask a Dietician: Are Snacks Healthy?

processed food2

My personal experience has been that it takes a little while to break the habit of eating processed foods (and while you are breaking the habit you will likely experience intense cravings for those foods!), but once you do, they actually stop tasting good.  Instead of an energy bar, have an apple and almonds. Instead of a box of mac n’ cheese, make soup and a salad.

Push yourself to break the habit. You can do it!

For helpful tips on minimally processed snacks, check out 5 Easy, Healthy Snacks for Students On-the-Go or peruse Kelly’s blog.

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Research shows a growing connection between processed food and obesity, so choose wholesome snacks like fruits, nuts, and vegetables to maintain a healthy weight.

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