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10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Be Single in College

1. You don’t have to panic over birthday or anniversary presents.
I don’t know about you, but I am AWFUL at picking out good presents. I once bought a boyfriend a pair of slippers for Christmas. How. Romantic.


2. Speaking of presents, dating can be expensive.
Think of all the money you’re saving. Or think of all the money you get to spend on yourself. Either way, you win!


3. You can dance or make out with whomever you want.
Boo-yah! (Just make sure to be prepared for any other activities.)


4. It is so easy to travel or move wherever you want.
Obviously you can still do this with a significant other, but with no strings attached, every job offer or school admission is that much easier to accept. THE WORLD TRULY IS YOUR OYSTER.


5. Take a moment and be glad that there isn’t someone in your life with whom you bicker about which kind of peanut butter to buy.
Bickering happens to everyone and it will eventually happen to you, too. But there’s a time and a place for this and it’s called Not Yet.


6. You don’t have to check in with someone.
You have no obligations. You do what you want. You go wherever the night takes you. YOU PAINT WITH ALL THE COLORS OF THE WIND and no one asks when you’re getting home.


7. I take up the whole bed, steal the covers, switch pillows, and kick in my sleep.
To me, sleeping without someone else in my bed deserves a hallelujah!


8. When you’re single, there are no awkward meet-the-family situations.
You know, the kind where you feel scrutinized or like you just don’t fit in. Not that that’s ever happened to me…


9. You could wear comfy grandma-style underwear EVERY DAY if you wanted. And let me tell you, I DO WANT.


10. Your shaving schedule is no longer contingent upon when you see that special person, but rather upon when the mood strikes you to be hairless. Shaving my legs only when I feel like it is strangely empowering for me.


Okay, so I know that being in a relationship is also really nice. And if there’s anything I believe in, it’s love. But I also think being single is super underrated. A lot of people get so focused on finding a significant other that they forget about the pros of being single. Think about it this way: Being single is the perfect chance to focus on you and become the best possible version of yourself before meeting the person you want to settle down with. Or maybe you’ll discover that the concept of settling down and marrying just isn’t for you. Either way, you’ll be better for it!

Comment with your favorite things about being single!

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