Spread the Health

In Defense of Long Walks

By Meredith M., Resident Assistant of the Wellness House

I’m busy. I’m sure you’re busy, too. We’ve all got too much reading to do, too many meetings to attend, and too many things on our to-do lists. But despite the busy-ness we all experience, I truly believe that there IS time to slow down. There ARE an extra few minutes available for pure enjoyment. We CAN stop and have a moment of peace. Most often, these moments of peace come to me when I’m on a long walk.


With a city this beautiful right outside our doors, why would we spend our time inside or underground?

Boston is arguably one of the most walkable cities in the country, when the weather allows. During this beautiful autumn season, I make an effort to walk everywhere, even if most people would consider the T much more practical. My friends make fun of me for leaving an hour early to go see a movie, but I simply cannot justify voluntarily paying for a trip underground when I can stay above ground and see the world, all for free! These long walks force me to make time for myself, and they often serve as a much-needed break my hectic schedule of classes, work, and training. Walking around the city is a healthy way to clear the mind, people watch, appreciate architecture, and maybe even play with a cute dog.


Boston’s streets are filled with historic beauty. Don’t miss your chance to see it!

With so much going on all the time, it can be difficult to carve out time for exercise or self-care. Taking a walk instead of the T or a bus is an excellent way to get active, get happy, and get where you need to go! I’m telling you, there’s a beautiful city out there waiting for you. Go explore!

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Instead of paying for a ride on the T, consider walking to your next destination! Long walks provide some “me time” and a break from stress and crazy schedules.

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