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5 Easy, Healthy Snacks for Students On-the-Go

As a student you’re probably on the go a lot – running from one class to the next, meeting up with friends, and heading to the library for study sessions. While you’re speeding all over campus, it’s important not to let yourself get too hungry. Without  healthy sustenance throughout the day your brain can’t function as well (bad for school!), your mood takes a nose dive (bad for friends!), and you tend to turn towards quick, cheap calories like junk food (bad for your health!). As you navigate your busy schedule it can be helpful to plan ahead and start each day armed with a healthy snack plan. Here are some of my favorites:

I like to put my own bag together from things I buy in bulk: almonds, dried cherries, raisins, shaved coconut. Be wary of pre-mixed bags as they often have a lot of added sugar! Whole Foods has a good bulk section and Trader Joes has a wide variety of nuts and dried fruits that mix well together.  Always look for the “no sugar added” label.

healthy snacks

This takes a little prep work, but is a good snack for when you have a long day ahead or want breakfast on the go.  Here is how I make it: dump a little raw oatmeal in the bottom of a to-go container, pour in some frozen berries (this helps keep the yogurt cold until mid-morning or so; after that it should go in a fridge), dump a few scoops of non-fat, plain Greek yogurt on top, add some almonds, sprinkle with cinnamon, and you’re off!

This is a great snack especially when you get home and feel like grazing in your fridge. But be sure to read the ingredient list when buying a jar – apples are sweet enough on their own; avoid brands that add extra sugar.

This is a go-to snack for me in the afternoons.  Slice a banana long ways, lay both halves in the center of a whole wheat tortilla, drizzle some honey on top (and if you like peanut butter, I’ve heard that is good too), roll up, and voila! Be careful though, honey likes to drip out the end!

This is another one that takes some prep, but it’s so worth it when the post-dinner munchies come on!  Just buy a bag of grapes, wash them, let them dry, put them in a Ziploc bag and pop them in the freezer.  About 4 hours later you have bite sized grape popsicles!

What are you favorite healthy snack foods? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

SPREAD THE HEALTH: If you’re away from your dorm room or apartment for the day, pack some healthy snacks to keep you focused, happy, and healthy.

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