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A Morning Runner’s Stream of Consciousness

By Meredith M., Resident Assistant of the Wellness House

7:30am – Out the Door
Here we go! Look at this beautiful world! The sun is shining, a light breeze blowing, and I am RUNNING! Feelin’ good. Probably lookin’ good too. I am such a champ for getting out of bed to run today.


7:38am – Mile 1 Complete
Oh man. I’ve been running for like 45 minutes, right? My sock is itchy. Is that a leg cramp? No. NO! I am just fine. I can do this! I’m in it for the long haul today!

8:00am – The Unplanned Hill
Wait, what? I thought this street was flat… Oh no. I turned a block too late! This is a serious upward slope! Who even knew this was here? My thighs! They’re burning! I can’t make it! I can’t – wait a minute – I DID IT! Downhill on the reverse side, you are my new best friend in the whole world. That hill wasn’t so bad. Glad I didn’t freak out or anything.

8:30am – When Hunger Sets In
Wow. That was a serious stomach growl. Did I eat dinner last night? I am STARVING all of the sudden. Maybe I should stop at Dunkin’… I don’t have any money on me. Would they take my shoe and I could come back with money later? Now that’s just crazy. Must be the hunger talking.

8:45am – The Final Stretch
I AM SO CLOSE! I can’t give up now, I’m almost home! Maybe if I sprint the rest of the way, I’ll have time for a quick power nap before class…

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