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The Things I Wish You’d Ask…


I’m Dr. Elizabeth Boskey, and I’m going to be writing a series of sexual health blog posts for Spread the Health each month. They’ll be called “How did I not know that…” and I’ll be talking about sexual health issues that people think they know about, but don’t. However, this month I’ve decided to start by introducing myself.

I’m an AASECT certified sexuality educator and certified health education specialist who has been involved in sex education for over two decades. I started out as an AIDS peer educator when I was an undergraduate at Northwestern University, and I never looked back. These days, in addition to writing about sexually transmitted diseases at About.com, I cover health topics for several other websites and news outlets. I’ll also be co-teaching WS102 – Gender and Sexuality II: An Interdisciplinary Introduction – for the second time this spring. Maybe I’ll meet some of you then!

The reason I’ll be blogging about common misconceptions in sexual health is because they’re so many of them! As a sex educator, I’m reminded every single day that things that are obvious to me are often mysterious to most of the rest of the population. For example, did you know that most people with STDs have no idea they’re infected? What about the fact that it’s not just possible – but a good idea – to have safe oral sex? I’m going to be talking about those topics, and more, in the coming months.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail if there are any questions you have or topics you want me to address. In addition, please let me know if I fail to be inclusive in my language and content. Sexual health is important for everyone, and I want to make certain that LGBTQQI students find this blog to be as useful as their cis-gender and heterosexual counterparts.

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