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5 Ways to Avoid a Campus Crime

While crimes do happen on campus, there are simple things you can do to help avoid one happening to you.

campus safety

Don’t leave your $#!t around.
Keep an eye on your stuff at all times, especially in public areas like the library, dining halls, food courts, cafes, and classrooms.

Use the eyes in the back of your head.
Always be aware of your surroundings, whether you’re on or off campus. If you see something suspicious, you can alert the BU Police (BUPD) using their awesome smartphone app. If it’s an emergency, call them at (617) 353-2121.

Take over the sidewalk.
Whether you’re on Comm Ave. or Chester St., walk with friends whenever possible (and especially at night). If you’re alone, use the BUPD’s free Escort Security Service.  Escorts are available 7 days a week from 8pm to 2am (and 3am on weekends).

It’s obvious (but seriously), lock your room.
Whether you’re sleeping, going to class, or just taking a quick bathroom break – keep the door locked.

BU also has some other notable safety features, like…

Blue-Light Phones
These phones are available throughout campus and have a red button that automatically connects you to the BU Police. Download the BU Mobile App for a map of all the Blue-Light Phone locations on campus.

BUPD’s Anonymous Tipline
If you notice suspicious activity but want to contact the BUPD anonymously, call (617) 353-6516 or send a text to 847411 in the following format:  BU <space> message.

BU Alert
This emergency notification system is designed for rapid and reliable mass communication in the event of a crisis or time-sensitive situation. You may receive a notification in the form of an email, text or voice message.  Sign up for BU Alert via StudentLink.

Important phone numbers, such as those for BUPD and Escort Security Services, are located on the back of your Terrier ID card. For more information on campus safety, visit the Boston University Police Department website and BU’s Safety on Campus site.

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Crimes happen on campus but there are things you can do to avoid one happening to you. Keep an eye on your belongings and surroundings, walk in groups, lock your door, and take advantage of BU’s many safety features on campus.

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