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How Not to Fall Victim to Late Night Meals

The dirty: Weekend drinking can lead to over-eating.

You booze, you cruise…through the fridge (or line at T Anthony’s). That pizza, Uburger, Shaw’s run, Cane’s box combo, 7-Eleven stop, Late Night meal burrito you decided to eat last night could have resulted from decreased willpower from alcohol, influence from friends, or a combo of the two. While late-night snacking might happen often, you might overlook it. And who wouldn’t? That might have been the best burrito you’ve ever had (or was it?) [1]

open late

Clean it up: Tidy up your act by making smarter choices to help avoid weight gain from drinking.

Pad your stomach
Snack on healthier foods before drinking and while you’re out—but don’t let this become an excuse to polish off all the chips and dip at a party!

Alternate alcoholic drinks with water
Water will keep your stomach feeling full and help you avoid food-stops on the way home.

Limit your drinks
Fewer bevvies will help keep your appetite, calorie intake, blood alcohol level, and willpower under control.

Don’t give in to peer pressure
Just because your roommate is eating pizza at midnight doesn’t mean you have to join in.

Remember your fitness goals
Cutting down on drinks may keep you from falling prey to late-night snacking and will likely give you more energy for tomorrow’s soccer game or Zumba class.

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Filling up on healthy foods, staying hydrated, drinking in moderation, and telling a friend about your health goals can help keep those darn LBs off.

There’s more where this came from…
Cause of Obesity: Eating and Social Habits
Do You Have the Drinking Alcohol/Eating Syndrome?

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