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Helping U Get A’s at BU

By Christian S., graduate student at the BU School of Public Health

New Year, new you. Meet your academic goals this semester with these simple strategies.

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Plan ahead.
To increase your productivity, look ahead on Sunday nights to see what you have coming up that week and plan your time accordingly. Use the calendar app on your smart phone to set reminders for upcoming assignments and due dates.

Ask questions.
If something doesn’t make sense in class or in the reading, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most professors have office hours specifically for students’ questions. This is the perfect opportunity to 1) get extra help and 2) get to know your professor better (i.e. recommendations for grad school). And don’t forget that friends, roommates, and classmates can also be great resources for helping you get through tough material.

Study like a pro.
Test out different study methods to determine what works best for you. Flashcards can be a great way to study on the bus, while teaming up with someone can help you work through complex subjects. The BU campus is filled with great places to study – the Mugar Library offers both quiet spots and even a place to work in groups. Feel like changing it up? Try a coffee shop along Comm Ave., but beware of the possible distractions.

Take breaks.
Regardless of how or where you study, be careful not to wear yourself out. Taking short, periodic breaks during study sessions will keep your mind fresh and help you better retain information.

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Staying organized, asking questions, changing up studying methods, and taking periodic breaks are essential elements of being a successful student.

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