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How to Eat Cheap on Comm Ave

Eating cheaply in college is totally doable, even on Comm Ave. Below are some tips that will help you chow for less and put some money in the bank. [1, 2]

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Grab a Rhetty meal to go.
Get breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Rhetty-to-Go meals and “pay” for it with your meal plan. Check out their menus before you order online (Chicken Cesar Wrap, anyone?). And if you don’t have a meal plan, you can also “pay” with dining or convenience points.

Eat out smartly.
Out to eat with friends? Ask for separate checks to avoid paying more than your share of the bill. You may still be charged additional gratuity for a large party, but at least you won’t pay for someone else’s soda.

Eat in and save.
Let’s face it – eating in isn’t easy with just a microwave in your dorm room. Luckily, oatmeal and low-sodium soups are fast, filling, and affordable. Pair either of these with a stolen piece of fruit from the dining hall and you’re set for an inexpensive meal.

Stake out campus events.
Many campus activities provide free snacks or meals to students. Check out your department’s website or the BU Calendar for event listings.

Utilize your meal plan.
BU Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans that work at many locations on-campus. Know your options in the dining halls and don’t be afraid to get creative at the salad bar to keep meals interesting. Your meal plan has already been paid for, so why waste it?

Ask for a little TLC.
If Mom or Dad offers to send you a care package, ask them to include some snacks you can keep in your room, like Sargent Choice Trail Mix Popcorn. If your parents come into town, you could even ask them to take you grocery shopping!

Additional Resources:
How to Eat Healthy and Cheaply. Bruen, Judy, 8 Dec 2010
How to Feed Yourself for $15 a Week. Roth, J.D. Get Rich Slowly, 8 Sept 2007

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Eating on campus, keeping filling snacks in your room, and asking Mom for a care package can help lower your eating expenses.


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