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You Booze, You Don’t Lose: Why Drinking & Weight Loss Don’t Mix

You’ve heard it before – alcohol is packed with calories. Empty calories. Sugary calories. Take a look below to compare the caloric content of booze across the board.

Alcoholic Beverage Calories (approximate)
Light beer  (12 oz) 100
Regular beer (12 oz) 150
Frozen Daiquiri (6.8 oz) 250
Gin (1.5 oz) 110
Pina Colada (6.8 oz) 530
Tequila Sunrise (6.8 oz) 230
Rum (1.5 oz) 95
Vodka (1.5 oz) 95
Whiskey (1.5 oz) 105
Red wine (5 oz) 125


The Good
There are plenty of ways to make smarter choices and avoid weight gain if you choose to drink.

  1. Track the calories in the drinks you consume using the USDA’s Nutrient Database.
  2. Limit and keep track of your drinks—don’t let those calories sneak up on you!
  3. Alternate each drink with water—keep your belly full with a healthier alternative.
  4. Remember your wellness & fitness goals if you drink—remind yourself to say ‘no thanks’ to that third pomegranate martini.
  5. Educate yourself on the effects of drinking on weight gain—think before you drink!

The Bad
Calories from alcoholic drinks factor into your daily calorie load. A Mai Tai and plate of Pad Thai could tip your daily calorie intake over the healthy limit. Sneaky Mai Tai.

The Ugly
Have you ever noticed that most booze doesn’t come with a nutrition label or serving size information? That’s because there are no consistent labeling requirements for calories and nutrients in beverages. Without this information, it’s easy to think that the calories in alcohol beverages don’t count. Yikes. [2, 3]

Additional Resources
Alcohol and Nutrition
Just How Bad is Alcohol for Weight Loss?

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Opting for a light beer, writing down your fitness goals, and hydrating with water between drinks can help keep those pesky pounds off.

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