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Smarter Partying Tips: Before You Go Out

What’s the smartest thing you can do if you’re under 21? Not drink alcohol (duh). But if you decide to drink, there are ways you can be smarter about it and reduce the chance that something negative will happen.

Don’t drink? You’re not alone! In fact, 35% of BU freshmen don’t drink at all. And among students who do choose to drink alcohol, more than half have two or fewer drinks on a typical weekend night. In other words, the majority of Terriers party smart by drinking in moderation.

Before You Go Out

Grab some grub.
Eat a full meal before you start drinking (a bag of chips doesn’t count!). Food in the stomach slows down the body’s absorption of alcohol, keeping your blood alcohol content at a safer, lower level.

Read the labels.
Make sure it’s safe to drink alcohol with any prescription or over-the-counter drugs you might be taking.

Make a plan for the night.
You’ve probably heard it before, “Friends who go out together, come home together.” But seriously – plan ahead of time where you’re going and how you’re getting home.

Master your hand pouring skills.
Learn how to pour a standard drink so you can better track how much you’re drinking. A shot of hard alcohol (i.e. vodka, rum, tequila) is only 1.5 ounces. Unless you’re an experienced bartender, measure alcohol when making mixed drinks.

Hit up the ATM.
Even if you plan to take the T home, it doesn’t hurt to carry cash for an unexpected cab ride back to campus.

SPREAD THE HEALTH: Grabbing some food, checking your meds, making plans with friends, improving your pouring skills, and having cash on hand can help make nights out both fun and safe.

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